Commercial accounts have the same collection guidelines as our residential customers (unless specifically noted otherwise on your account). 


Please have respect for your trash men and practice the following:

       - Trash should be at the curb by 7:00 am on your designated pick-up day.

       - All trash items should be bagged and secured from littering due to animals & weather.

       - For safety purposes, trash cans should not exceed 100lbs and any single item should not exceed 40lbs.

       - Bush & Tree Trimmings: These items must be bundled & tied and must not exceed 3” in diameter & 4’ in length. Limit 2 bundles per pick–up or                 call our office to schedule a bulk pick–up.


       - We do not offer dumpster services at this time. If you are needing a temporary dumpster, please feel free to call our office and we will recommend someone off of our preferred vendor list.


Bulk Pick–Up:

       -You must be a current customer and have been with us for at least three months to qualify for these services. For all bulk service requests, please call our office or send a general email to be added to the schedule.

       - We pick up and recycle BBQ grills, bicycles, old appliances, water heaters, and push mowers.
            These items are picked up on an as-needed basis with a pick–up truck and trailer.


       - We pick up and throw away: household furniture, toilets, porcelain bathtubs, etc.
            These items are picked up on an as-needed basis with a garbage truck.

       - We pick up and send to compost: bagged yard debris (grass clippings, leaves, and pine needles).
            These items must be in compostable bags and are picked up once a month as needed.


Exclusions to Curbside Trash Collection:

       - We do not pick up hazardous waste of any kind.


NO: Batteries, Computer Monitors, Gasoline, Motor Oil, Paint, Tires, TVs, etc.
               We do not pick up any type of remodeling/construction debris.

NO: Flooring (tile, wood, carpet, padding), roofing, lumber, insulation, sheetrock, bricks, concrete, etc.


       - We do not pick up yard debris such as dirt, gravel, rocks, sand, large trees or tree trunks, etc.

   **We reserve the right to exclude any item from pick–up.**